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So, I guess the Rays hit the hell out of only the Red Sox and Steve Irwin?

Go figure that the Crocodile Hunter died. Now, here’s the thing, I really can’t do justice to this death. I mean, part of me wants to crack jokes because the guy was a moron, but another part of me can only get that far. I mean, there’s not a whole lot to say about this guy other than:

Steve, look, your show peaked FIVE years ago…it’s been going for ten…just, ummm, hey, yeah, you might want to stop rolling the dice with these animals. Take your little kid to the frickin’ ZOO like normal parents and stop trying to DIE.

On the upside, though, Irwin always wanted footage of his death at the hands of one of these animals that he tormented and I’m pretty sure he got his wish.

Now, because that’s all I have to say about Irwin’s death, I did happen to put together a collection of remarks about his death once you click on read more…

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