As we face the sun falling over the beautiful day that was online poker, I have to wonder how the hell the whole craze got to be so big. Some people simply say that gambling is a degenerative thing and people, particularly young college students, were given infinite access to gambling. It would be somewhat akin to putting a casino in every city, town, farmhouse, or anywhere that a phone line or satellite link could reach. But I wonder if that had been the case, and not the online version of the trend, would we really  have reached the hysteria that online poker created? Read More

We debuted a new author here at Joboo yesterday, he’s going to be checking in weekly with some takes on poker. Maybe advice, I’m not really sure. Just watch out for this cat if you ever run into him playing in a game for no money. Cutthroat as hell. His debut column was about the new Port Security Bill, that included some legislation that extended 1961s wire act to the current days of the Internet.

In a statement released by, the internet gaming giant (as seen on ESPN’s WSOP coverage) attempted to convince users that, at worst, they wouldn’t lose any earnings they currently possess. At best, they’re going to fight this thing and hope to avoid shutting down. Including in the statement:

“As poker is a game of skill rather than pure chance, we hope that it will not be affected by this new bill.”

This is precisely why I favor the new bill. A bit of a tale and then some analysis below the fold.

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Editor’s Note: Rush Spencer Smith is a new columnist here at Joboo. Once a week, or so, he’ll be writing about poker. He joins our cavalcade of gambling authors along with Lance’s Stone Cold Locks every Friday and The Champ’s Bold Predictions on Thursday night. Doherty and I are comfortable in our roles of mocking athletes and providing analysis. And as always none of the views or incoherent logic expressed represents the opinions of Joboo’s creators.


The crowbar slowly cracked open the crate. Smells of rotting food and urine poured out of the new opening. The beard of the Iranian had grown longer during the cross-Atantic trek. He threw a rope over the side of the crate and discovered that his crate was stacked on top of several other crates. He knew the tanker had completed the voyage, all in good time. He praised Allah for a safe voyage. Read More