Things that should not be done.

You may not have heard this, given the hoopla surrounding the St. Louis most dangerous city victory honors, but Tony LaRussa is co-producer on a film project about himself. This has to be said, this is something that should not be done.

A movie…about LaRussa. Hey, OK, the man took the number 10 when coming to St. Louis and then it took him a DECADE to bring St. Louis their tenth Championship. I’m OK with LaRussa being a character in a LIFETIME movie about Jose Canseco’s book, but this is something that should not happen.

But, apparently it is going to happen. LaRussa has met with the movie folks and have been kicking around movie ideas. I’ll be honest, whatever they come up, unless it’s Saw IV and LaRussa slides down a razor blade into alcohol river, I’m not giving a damn.

Still, even if I don’t give a damn, it’s still happening. There’s probably going to be 15 minutes of LaRussa explaining why he tinkered with his batting order to put the pitcher into the eight position on occasion. Riveting drama, let me tell you. We got the script for a scene of the TONY LARUSSA PROJECT. You can read it by clicking read more.

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