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Editor’s Note…no clue why he is adding these ! to the titles of these previews, but uh, here’s the NHLs West preview.
Well here is the preview for the stronger, better conference in the NHL. The West is much like the NL in baseball. The coaches have to be smarter and there isn’t a pussy DH spot. The West plays hard, skates fast and has the history of the conference with the most suspensions. Expect another year of bruiser hockey from the West with the Stars making it out alive on top. Read More

Editor’s Note: This is the third time I’m writing this damn Editor’s Note, so I’ll get straight to the point, our buddy Shawn wanted a column gig here, so we gave him the OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME…a chance…to liveblog…Dancing with the stars.

We aren’t quite sure how he knows that this is season three of Dancing with the stars, but uh, hopefully that means he did research, right?
Well, this is the preview for the “Hit” Dancing with the Stars t.v. series. This will be a comical analysis of what happends during the show, I hope the readers enjoy the column and keep coming back to see what they missed.

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Jeff George came out of nowhere to sign with the Oakland Raiders this week. He hasn’t had a snap in years and his comeback is head turning to say the least. What former NFL players should make a return to the league in the manner that George has? I’m sure Lions fans reading this would wish that Barry Sanders would come back, but that just leads to the realization that Barry Sanders could come in tomorrow and be better than Kevin Jones.

Let’s get this thing started with…

Ty Detmer


1,530 pass attempts; 958 completions; 15,031 passing yards; 121 touchdown passes; He set 59 Records! Dude was sick 2 decades ago, you’re telling me he can’t get it together for one season and Jeff George can? Hell, George has used up most of his solid games in the NFL. Ty stills has them saved up, he is ready to go!

Wait a second, Ty Detmer is actually still IN the league?

OK, the rest of these guys definitely are not…

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