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Ladies and Gentlemen, the Champ has been asked to return to provide some “expert” forecasting insight into the Ron Mexico Celebrity Dogfighting Extravaganza. I must also take this opportunity to give my namesake and credentials a quick plug. For those who don’t know me, or why I call myself “the Champ” it all started as a poker thing. My poker track record had gone rather south between the nickname creation and now, and some began to question the validity of me in fact being “the Champ”. However, I recently completed two impressive tournament runs placing 2nd out of 85, and 13th out of 100 a week later. So, cutting to the bottom line of this self-plug, all that I guess I can really say is that I am in fact the Champ.

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In between those pesky law school finals and some intense school board campaigning, I have decided to duck in for a quick bold prediction.

After all, I am hot as can be after predicting the Warriors to win before the series even started (albiet on another site instead of on Joboo) Although it must be noted I called them winning in 7, and they actually did it in 6, so even the Champ underestimated those Warriors.

Got Pistons and Wings playoff games today, a Nascar Night race, some De La Hoya v. Mayweather bout that is getting hyped up way too much, and of course a horse race.

I’ll take the home teams (Wings and Pistons), Jimmie Johnson, De La Hoya, and last, but certainly not least………….

HARD SPUN (16 to 1 as of Joboo press time)

That is all, I’m out.

Editor’s Note: Champ got here a bit late, but is ready to rock now. Joe Buck tells me there are 124 goddamned laps to go, so I think he still has a long afternoon ahead of him. Champ’s words are in regular text, Editor’s Notes will be italicized. Will we regret this decision? Certainly?

Champ put the liveblog here.

Came into the apartment at 4:36 eastern time and was disapointed to have missed the first 65 laps of the Greatest American Race. Turned on the television to a rather boring Napa Autoparts commerical and then left the channel on 8 instead of 7 for a while to even further delay my viewing of the Daytona 500.

Finally got the race on though, and it appears Tony Stewart is holding onto a slim lead over Kurt Busch.

*** 4:43 EST The caution is out! 2nd caution of the race apparently (I missed the first one) Problems on the 45 car of Kyle Petty brought out the Yellow flag. His right rear tire blew apart causing for a lot of damage to his race car. The caution came out on lap 85. Rumor has it the 20 car of leader Tony Stewart is also experiencing some sort of overhearting problem so we will have to keep an eye out for possible troubles later on in the race for him. After pitstops the 17 car of Matt Kenseth has assumed the lead of the race. Should be back green in a few minutes.

Editor’s Note: Going to make folks click the read more link for more of the scintillating coverage. I like how The Champ decided to add in the exclamation point after noting a caution is out. I’m anticipating a !!!!! when the real goodness goes down. For those of you who are NOT into NASCAR…I’ll be popping up in these editor’s notes and maybe Ryan will as well just to mock Nascar a bit and feed Champ some questions…such as…why the fuck do they do a race called the Busch Series on the same track with the same racers the day before?

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Well, friends, Joboo has hit new territory this week. Joboo has reached the promise land. What was the monumental event that sparked this? I suspected you might ask. The Champ is a proud holder of a Joboo Sam’s Club Business Membership. That’s right. When all those other poor folks have to wait until 10 am to enter Sam’s, the Champ can stroll right in there at 7a.m. and not mess around with those lines. And it’s all because of my hard work and dedication here at Joboo. So, it’s time for some more hard work and dedication:


Bold Prediction #1: The Wolverines Upset the Buckeyes Saturday

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Well, its that time again. Remarkably, the Champ has been rather upbeat this week, despite the absolute drumming the Democrats served on the GOP this week. I have been looking at the positives, and so far, it really hasn’t bothered me much. But none of this newly found bipartisan style that the Champ has recently acquired will rub off on the column. As far as the column goes, it is bold as always, and I AM the party. We all know that my MAC locks haven’t been going well. So, they are out the window. Avid Joboo readers may also have noticed that our friend Lance seems to have disappeared. Where has Lance been? Any answers to this question will be gladly accepted in our comments section, but we really just don’t know where he is. So, what I am doing this week is taking over Lance’s Locks. I mean if he won’t get the job done, the Champ will. That’s right, folks. I got the boat and the army tanks. The Coup has been staged. What I have for everyone this week are 2 GUARANTEES for my bold predictions. Following the guarantees, I will provide my three locks of the week that I have now officially taken over from the awol Lance. Enjoy!

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A lot has happened since my last column. The Tigers broke my heart, and in the process pissed off the entire National League. The NBA season kicked off, and perhaps most importantly, the Champ has fell into quite a groove in heads up Full Tilt Poker. Anyways, I have no idea where I was going with any of the above, so I will cut the crap and jump right into this weeks BOLD predictions. Continuing with last week’s format, I will provide 3 bold predictions, and 2 MAC locks of the week. Here we go:




1) The Oakland Raiders upset the Seahawks on Monday Night

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Editor’s Note: Look, uh, I’m pretty fuckin’ speechless at these developments…


As of press-time the Champ has been unable to get ahold of Joboo editors, so I have decided to take it upon myself to tweak with the format of this column a bit. I think the New Thursday 3+2 column from the Champ will provide Joboo fans with even more excitement each week. That is, I will continue to offer bold predictions as always. But instead of 5, I will provide 3 bold predictions, along with 2 MAC picks of this week. When the football seasons ends, I plan on switching it over to basketball if things go well. I realize the MAC audience might not be rivaling that of the SEC or Big 10, but the simple fact is that you can bet on MAC games just the same as any other, and there is money to be made in the MAC. In fact, the only Division 1-A team in the country to be a perfect 8-0 against the Spread this year comes from the MAC, my beloved Central Michigan Chippewas. So, let’s get to business:


The Bold Predictions:

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