Champ’s expert analysis on the Extravaganza

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Champ has been asked to return to provide some “expert” forecasting insight into the Ron Mexico Celebrity Dogfighting Extravaganza. I must also take this opportunity to give my namesake and credentials a quick plug. For those who don’t know me, or why I call myself “the Champ” it all started as a poker thing. My poker track record had gone rather south between the nickname creation and now, and some began to question the validity of me in fact being “the Champ”. However, I recently completed two impressive tournament runs placing 2nd out of 85, and 13th out of 100 a week later. So, cutting to the bottom line of this self-plug, all that I guess I can really say is that I am in fact the Champ.


Now that this has been established, let’s jump right into this “expert” dogfighting bracket prediction analysis. I have also faced a bit of criticism for making certain predictions for some particular sports that I truly do not know anything, or much of anything, about. A good example might be my Kentucky Derby Prediction. In fact, I knew little to nothing as far as any sort of Derby expert analysis went. I can admit and accept that. My entire analysis was ruling out horses’ with awful names, crossing out the top 3 or 4 favorites, and then making a pick out of who was left. And the horse just so happened to lead the entire derby until the closing seconds. But sometimes “expert” analysis done by these methods work out, and provide for some good fun, and that’s what my column is all about. With this intro, I can imagine some of the Mike Vick dogfighting whales might be getting a bit nervous. But to all said whales out there (Clinton Portis, this includes you) rest assured: the analysis you are about to read is solid.


Just as with the Derby, I know little to nothing about dogfighting. In fact, there were a number of dogs on the bracket that I had never even heard of before. My immediate favorite was Spuds MacKenzie, the old Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial dog star. With the amount of Budwesier I drink, it is tough to vote against Spuds. So on his side of the bracket, I had to ride Spuds all the way to the finals. Buck Bundy put up a solid fight, but in the end, Spuds prevailed.


The other side of the bracket, however, was much tougher, and contained a few more dogs that I never had heard of before. One such dog was Vida. In fact, I still have no idea who Vida is. I did a quick Google search when I initially started filling in my bracket. What did I first click on from said Google search? My friends, I clicked on this:


And let me tell you, a few seconds into clicking on the link it made my decisions a lot easier for the rest of the bracket. How can you vote against that? I mean seriously. So, I must admit, even as I am currently writing this, I still have no clue who Vida is. Just as I didn’t have much of any clue who Hard Spun was. But at least this time I have some solid reasoning as to why my BOLD dogfighting ultimate champion pick is the 11th seeded darkhorse, Vida.


Click the bracket for Champ’s Full Bold Predictions

  1. Vida is Gisele Bundchen’s dog. Her opponent first round is Brett Favre’s dog. Vick sure knows how to seed ’em.

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